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Love my Smartscoot

I am very happy with my smartscoot. It is s pleasant to ride and I have been able to go anywhere. Most of all I appreciate how easy it is to fold and unfold. It fits easily into a car trunk. I have another “travel” scooter which does fold up to a small enough size and is therefore unuseable. I am glad I bought the smartscoot and Mobilityjungle was a pleasure to work with.

I am sorry the scooter keep cutting out when i ride it and go over bumps. Can you send me a return slip and send me another one

I love the chair! It has met all of my expectations

I am 83 and have Parkinson's, level four. I live alone, but I have great neighbors and family support. The powered seat lift and ease of use are fantastic. Further, the rear wheels are covered and it is a very sturdy chair. It can also be powered down if it is too fast. I would like a chair that has all the wheels covered with something like the back ones. Could also use more protection for the feet when learning how to use the chair.

I love it!

Great product and a fantastic price. The joystick and controller are far superior to my old powerchair by a top-selling manufacturer. Size, maneuverability, and rising seat are literally like a boon. The only weakness with this product is the same as with all new power chairs, factory supplied batteries.

Very pleased with the features and ease of operation

The user has turned ankles and no arches in his feet keeping him from walking any distance. This chair served him well and gave the ability to access small places, make tight turns in a small radius and distance of travel. It has small drive wheels that's the only con it has.

Thriled with SmartScoot

It’s less than 24 hours and I am totally in love with the SmartScoot and just so excited to have made the wise decision to purchase this wonderful scoot. The top speed is amazing but I think I will stay with ‘low’ for getting through doors and when outside medium is quite fast enough for me. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have my SmartScoot.

SmartScoot mobility scooter has helped me to enjoy the walking trail

Me on his new SmartScoot on the walking trail. Today I did not have to go by myself! So far so good… I have developed a technique for getting it in the trunk of the Prius, I have tested it out in our long country driveway (paved), and I am planning a trip to the art museum next week. It is stable and sturdy – I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well it is made. So far so good. Thanks for all of your assistance in helping us make the decision.

Still satisfied after years with his SmartScoot Mobility Scooter

I’ve had this scooter for over 2 years and use it every day. It still works flawlessly. It has accumulated some nicks and scars with use but keeps going. One point I may make is that the wheels are a little firm. You do feel each seam in the sidewalk and rough pavement will jar you a bit. This is the price you must pay for weight. I just recently checked out SmartScoot’s home page, and find that my scooter is a bit out of date with their newer model, but must admit that the page gives a good and accurate depiction of their product. Though the price is a bit steep, I will spend the money to have a scooter that is always in my car and ready for use rather than a cheaper one that spends most of its time in my garage because of the hassle loading it. No regrets with this scooter.

Enjoying the freedom of a SmartScoot mobility solution

Thought you might like to see a photo of one of your latest happy SmartScoot customers. This is me today at Toronto’s west end lakefront trails. I’m so in love with my scooter that I’m now looking for excuses to go out!! My daughter is happy that I can now walk the dog again! Haha!

He hasn’t smiled like that in a long time

When you have an active lifestyle and a mobility difficulty, a compact, lightweight, folding scooter can be a crucial tool. You do not have to let a mobility difficulty repress your desire to see the world or spend time with family. Thank you for your terrific and fast service. You have made my husband feel like a kid again! He hasn’t smiled like that in a long time. Many thanks from us both.

“It makes things a lot easier! I can go places on my own if I want to.”

I can’t really walk far. I slowed my family. I had to stay in the room and look at the ocean and wish I could go somewhere But SamrtScoot gave me new life. I got my mobility back. I was once again able to see the sites, go on the elevator, on carpeted hallways. It makes things a lot easier! I can go places on my own if I want to. Using my own SmartScoot™ allows me to be independent and save time. I can take it to the park, on the sidewalks, to get around. I enjoy being out.

Excellent Powerchair

I recently bought the Steamer power chair from Mobility Jungle and I was impressed with the quality of the chair as well as the customer service I received. Thank you!

Scooter seat was not that comfortable.

I bought this scooter because my back hurts so much when I walk. So I bought this scooter. but it's seat is not that comfortable as they telling in the specifications.

Good product but poor battery life

this scooter has a very poor Battery life which forces me to charge it twice a day to use it daily.

I want to buy this scooter in Red color

I want a red color scooter for my grandma for her birthday cause that was her favorite color but unfortunately I had to bought cause her knees was aching so much.

Scooter capacity was not much

when I read the specs before buying, there was some great capacity written for this scooter but actually, it's weight capacity is very low.

Not so Great

I found this product no good for me. I could find some better product at this Price. The Battery life was very less and I was looking for some great battery life scooter.

Good Product but no product Manual

When I buy this product I didn't get a good Product manual so that I can understand it's functioning.

5 Star

This was perfect for the airport as I took it all the way down the gangway. From there I went on a cruise. It was easy to maneuver in the hallways and on the elevators.

I love the scooter it fits my needs.

I love everything about the scooter, the only con I have is at 6ft, 2in I would like more room for my long legs. Other than that it is perfect. Would highly recommend this unit!

Fine Product

Deluxe transportation around town, great features. Scooter has attracted many positive comments. I am very satisfied. Comfort, looks, and great features.

Has lots of power

The ride due to the suspension is great. Has lots of power. The consistency of the speed control (up and down hills) is good. Like the placement of the lower headlights and like all the other lighting features, (turning/hazards lights) needed in front. This is my 3rd scooter, I myself think this is the best scooter I have had.

Perfect for my needs. Now I can go wherever I want.

I'm 67 with bursitis in both hips. I can't stand or walk for long. I bought this because I love to camp and fish. It's perfect. Love it. It's classy. I don't feel like an old handicapped person riding it. It goes faster than the specs say it does. People I pass on the street yell that they want one too. I even have a little carrier on it for my 5 lb. poodle. She loves it too.

This scooter is actually fun to ride and meets all of my needs...

The person using this scooter is 68 years old and has trouble walking. The lighting system and the ease of operation are literally awesome.

All Hand controlled. Great for me with my leg problems.

72 year old retired male. Several medical problems and in constant pain. Have difficulty walking and must use a cane. Only able to walk a short way. Looks/style/sturdiness. Ease of use. Very good for a Park Living setting in Florida where most have golf carts.